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I write this testimonial as affirmation of 
the many pitfalls in life I experienced.
Being present in any situation where
there is questionable doubt of self, 
the damaging effects, the disappointment in
self and others. When life seems worthless.

Calming serenity of peaceful waters
disruptful occurrences an unexpected mishap.
Approaching waves of discord, disillusionment,
diseased plagues of the mind.
Self incrimination, self worth, self love
questionable traits to overcome.
Rabid gnashing, snarling of
personal beliefs, ridiculed it seemed;
lack lustre exsitence a constant shadow.
Welcoming release.....bereft of respect, laughter
luxuries far out of reach. Dingy pit of
self denial, self worth, questionable vices
of "is it worth it?"the constant barrage
of silent screams. Trapped within and without
a final decision, a way out.
Trials and tribulations so readily face,
anew dawning in this life's race.
Moments in time of peaceful serenity,
meltdown moments of uncertainty;
for within a beacon of light
there be a hope for recovery.
Bliss and blunders forever
there wilt be.....
Through the loving kindness, mercy
and grace I was saved my ordeals,
thanks be to my Lord God Almighty.
Talents I now exploit...gifted blessing
of poetry I now utilize, hopes, dreams,
motivation to those in need.
Blessed child I forever be,
lowly servant of Thee.
My Lord, my God
how great Thou art.
┬ęPSA 19/6/20.


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