..... soul baring nakedness,
foreplay of desires and dreams.
Raw brutality of life
tears of sorrow and broken dreams,
scabs and scars revealed trustingly.
They saw, they listened, they grieved,
The Coupling
the foreplay now of
their desires and dreams.
Their foreplay, their destiny
The Coupling
of souls in harmony.
©PSA 5/3/22.



..... you touch me with
your words
you touch me with
your smile
you touch me with
firm hand, a possessive
branding of my heart
and soul. I thirst for you,
I hunger for you.....
When I touch you
with words
when I touch you
with my smile
when I touch you with
gentle hands, know that
I am Yours and
You are mine.
©PSA 7/4/22.


......... through the dark days
and nights I will be by your
side. Through sunny days 
I will sing of praise, adoration
and my love for you. Though
at times far apart we may
be, a loyal, loving woman
I await thee.
Fear not the distance apart
YOU are always and forever
in my heart.
©️PSA 6/4/22.


...... may the puzzle pieces
of our hearts interlock in
faith, love and loyalty.
May the stable frame of
outer protection be the
guard and champion
of the intricate pieces,
that living, loving prosperity
interlocked pieces of our
hearts dreams and desires
for all eternity.
©️PSA 28/3/22.


....... Shun not the heart
that revels in truth,
be not ignorant
in thy belief that deeds
said and done thy
passport to happiness
shall be. Fear ye the
truth? What manner
of heart and soul thy
hideth? May the truth
of forgiving heart
guide and aide thee
to better thy life, and
so too be a light to
others in need.
©️PSA 1/4/22.