Minuscule bud of
delicacy, hidden
depths of serenity;
silenty, patiently
unfurl so delightfully.
Damp, heightened
darkness of despair
toxic invasion
of permenating air.
Cancerous rivers
of debilitating disease,
for within the putrid
stench there doth
reside an unfathomable
gift of beauty and grace,
Hope in a desolate,
bleak place.
Courageous determination
so lovingly unfold,
delicate whispers
to behold.
For within the dark
recesses of the mind
there doth reside
a budding blossom
of encouragement there
forever will be
a gifted chance
of recovery.
May the illuminating
light so joyously be
the journey of
for You and Me.
©️PSA 29/2/20.