Seeking solace, relentless
pressures of daily plight.
Desolate husks of humanity
burdened and forlorn a lack
of redemption, mindless
foraging of utter destruction
it seemed to be. A cry for
help in prayerful intent
submissive servant, vanity
an ego there no longer be;
destruction of self and others
a norm in society. Desicration
of mind, body and soul.
Engaging battlefields of hateful
intent, selfish lack of regard
humanity often ignored,
for greed and corruption
always will be the agenda
in society. Suffering servant’s
a cross to bare, seeking solace;
blessed Holy Sanctuary.
A litany of praise, prayers
and worship an offering
of soulish intent, repentant
servant, now humbly I
eagerly kneel in praise,
thanksgiving for healing
redemption bestowed
upon me, my Lord, my God’s
Holy Sanctuary.
©Pamela Ainslie.