Safe haven of redeeming;
recovering creatures
so oft abused through
neglect and selfish greed.
Once so affectionately
received, alas safety and
wellbeing no longer a
priority…seeking shelter,
a bite to eat; attentive love
no longer received, abused
and scorned once trusted
companions no longer be
a comforting home, a welcoming
reprieve. Sorrowful demeanour
broken and battered, heartfelt
despair for many creatures
suffering neglect; abusive
selfishness of sinful nature;
mankind’s lack of empathy
for God’s creatures there
forever will be, a desicration
of humanity. Comforting
respite from advocates
of a humane society,
a SANCTUARY for God’s
creatures great and small
at times a resting place,
an earthly journey at
an end…lives snuffed out
from abusive intent.
©PSA 10/3/20.