Sugar Baby

K Morris - Poet

She wants her nails done
And he, having a desire
To play with fire
Will pay for fun.

She will shop
Until she drops
And he will
Foot her bill.

Or, if he should drop,
Some other will pay
For her to shop.
That’s just the world’s way.

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Truth and Love ❤️

Peacock Poetry

Dear Readers,

As well as being a Leadership Coach and poet, as many of you know, I am also a podcaster and co-host the Untaming Femininity podcast.

Recently though, was such a lovely, welcoming experience to be on the other side of podcasting and to be interviewed by Zarrina Allieva on her inspiring Beyond One Lens podcast recently. The conversation felt very natural and I loved sharing my mission around authenticity and speaking the truth with love.

I would be super grateful to hear your feedback on this podcast appearance especially as I recite a poem during the episode.

and meanwhile here is a poem I wrote yesterday!

Snowy Saturday greetings,

Love Sam ❤️

Before You

Don’t always have to travel far to find a change of scene

The nuances of where you are, more varied than it seems

Don’t have to fly to Timbuktu to savour the exotic


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To and fro, restless
pacing, a tiresome
chore of uncertainty.
Jailer, deceptive
words, actions
crumbs of sinister
intent, consuming
greed. Freedom a
mirage it seems
yet, innovation of
desperate means;
escape – the inspiration
the daily meal indeed.
ulterior vices no longer
gagged and bound,
voices to be heard;
peace to be found.
©️PSA 28/7/21.

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Divine and eternal source
of light, love and redemption
to You be all glory
forever more. Forgive us
our trespasses as we forgive
those who trespass against
us. We bless and thank You
for the countless acts of
mercy and grace. We thank
You for the blessings of
Your Son, Jesus Christ and
the Holy Spirit: make our
hearts clean Father and
renew the right spirit within
us that we might serve You
in the manner pleasing unto
Thee. Without Thy guidance
and grace we are lost sheep
in a wilderness of famine and
thirst. Triune God for now and
all eternity.
©️PSA 28/7/21.

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