Bleeding ink of emotions
spatters of insanity,
spatters of creativity.
Bleed dear love, let
thy emotions consume
and flow elegantly.
Truth of words the
intimate unveiling,
a prostitution of thy soul;
at times a celibacy, a
needed respite a gaping hole.
Raped of emotions, bled dry,
comatosed, emptied of
emotions. Ink of the heart
no longer a need there be,
sunset whispperings,
sunset dreams abed they be.
Recovery of import there be.
©PSA 30/4/22
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..... of sumptuous,
mysterious womanly
treats. Exotic blends
of abundant curls
a crowning glory.
Ruby red lips pout
in seductive smile,
eyes that mischievously
glint, a hidden laughter
from deep inside. Pampered
heart and soul; happiness
her awaited dream.
Curves of heavenly
delight, her treasures
religiously guarded,
plaything of temporary
means she not be; strength
of character
of womanly being.
©PSA 24/4/22


..... wild child of intensified
passion, sweet caresses of 
laughter, tender touch of
caring; fleeting touch of
gentle hands and speech
outspoken, yet heart and
soul a tender jewel of
compassion and kindness.
Be not fooled in thy
mistaken beliefs that an
easy target shall be.
Smouldering inferno
of emotions teased by
simplistic means,
natures wooing of her;
delightful wild child.
Soul teasing, soul tempting,
soul seduction, to the beat
of heart and soul she dances
..... wild and free.
©PSA 24/4/22


I taste of thee
bouquet of the finest
vintage, warmth infuses me.
A mere sip a tease would be,
a thirst and hunger that besets me.
Infuse me with thy radiant love
that I might live again.
Bathe me in the warmth of your
generous love that, wherever I go
the hours I spend with thee
the snapshots my heart hoardes
religiously. When you leave know
that I longingly await the breaking
of a new day so that I can bask
in the loving warmth of thee.
as the warmth of the day
bids adieu, I welcome the artistry
of nightime hue: velvet darkness of
infused gems alight the way.
how blessed I be
loving warmth the
infusion I yearn for
how blessed I be,
peace and serenity
embraces me,
creations vigil
whilst abed I be.
©PSA 18/4/22


.... bind me not with thy
imaginations or expectations, 
caged I will not be. In thy belief
bind me not with the gifts of
temporary lodgings, self worth,
self respect, morals of self
the gifts I give unto myself;
lesser than I abhore and no
place for falsity and greed.
Freedom........ living life
of simplicity, living life
of being me, not conformed
to temporary rituals or false
notions of how thy perceive I
grateful will be, for I settle
not for temporary lodgings,
my worth, my respect, my
soul always and forever
freed from falsities and greed.
©PSA 5/4/22.