> Affirmation
> plea for acceptance?
> AM I….
> dreaded insecurities, pounding
> relentlessly, Desecration
> of soul, of self.
> AM I….
> Quiet reflection of
> what matters most,
> path of self discovery,
> self love, self acceptance;
> I AM….worthy, a woman, a
> human being in this society.
> Times fraught in self denial,
> defeated misery.
> I AM…..worthy, a child,
> daughter, wife, mother
> and friend, a WOMAN
> I AM worthy as decreed,
> my Lord, my God
> in whom I believe.
> Amen
= The distasteful question so often arises, AM I?, abusive, degradation at hands of tormentors. I AM… a woman in society, a woman deserving respect undoubtedly. Women of the world, loved so generously, my Lord, my God in whom
I believe =
> ©️PSA 4/3/20.