Slumbering treasure
from within of no
ambition to fit in.
…… you say and
you do whate’er
benefits you.
…… you say flattering
words and I hear you
known to you.
Slumbering treasures
of ambition and passion
my treasures I guard
……. you say I do not
believe……. I know of
more than you’d believe.
Fool not thyself in
the mistaken belief
’tis of meek that I
respond not to thee.
Passion and ambition
slumbering quietly within
fan not the flames for
an inferno thy will
ignite….. foolish person
the phoenix will arise
to the one who her
soul ignites; in the
quiet of her sanctuary
she listens and seeks
not of attention and
falsity but of peace
and freedom not
of the norms of society.
Satisfied, fulfilled a
woman she be.


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