If I say the words
"I LOVE YOU," and
my heart, mind and
soul not true; a tool
of greed and self gain
they be.
"I LOVE YOU"....
I seek nothing else but
your happiness and well being.
I learn about you, I accept you
and I walk with and beside you.
I invest my time, my patience,
my kindness and compassion
unto you; I respect and adore you
for the person you are and receive
you as you are.
I commit myself unto you, I share
the gifts of my heart, soul and mind;
trust, loyalty, truth in all I say and do
receive these gifts happily for I
gift them unselfishly.
I say, "I LOVE YOU,"
my heart speaks a music to you,
you are the sunshine in my lfe,
the one I long for, your happiness
is what I seek. You are mine and
I am yours; believe and receive
these gifts I share solely with thee.


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