..... childlike innocence, pampered security;
parents and siblings loving guardians
undoubtedly. Seasonal changes of learning,
of grieving, of growth and love; stepping
stones of life - renewal of life, faith, hope, 
peace and love.
of bygone eras then broken, bleeding, thirsting,
hungering for peace. Denied at times, a suicide
of heart and soul - in the past it be. Pampering
of light, love, faith and mercy; blessed gifts
given unto me. Humbled by the blessed
sacrifice, humbled by the vastness of love
eternal, humbled that I, a mere woman
am loved and cherished by Thee. O Lord, I
give thanks and praise to Thee, that Thy
didst reach down Thy hand to me.
Triune God, guide and lead me where
Thy wouldst have me be.
©PSA 12/5/22

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