Dear loves,
When clouds above
stormy and grey
and thunderstorms
rob thee of happiness
When tusnamis of
life threaten and disrupt
fear not, the Lifeguard
will rescue thee,
When the daily struggle
of recovery is threatened
by those in judgement of
thee utter foolish words
that hurt thee,
Doubt not in the sincerity
of earth angels there to
aide thee, for kindness
and compassion gifts
of love from our Loed
God Almighty.
Dear loves,
Recovering addicts, 
mental health survivors,
PTSD survivors,
suicidal victims,
chronic illness patients,
depression sufferers.
Never doubt in thyself
for hope, faith, love
and grace, gifts of our Lord
to thee.
In Him, be led by Him.
May the grace of our Lord
strengthen, revive and
comfort thee that thy
find rest and peace;
abide in Him.
©PSA 27/4/22
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