Umbilical cord of safety
severed drastically,
wailing cries of seperation;
alienated, a rude awakening
the world intrudes. Grasping hands,
deafening speech, erosion of
heart and soul, foul creatures
of wordly means. Birthed into
chaos and calamity, dire circumstances
daily challenges ursurp thy dignity.
You see me, You hear my pleas,
You comfort me. You love me
more than I could ever grasp,
Your infinite love renews me,
protects and saves me when, to
my knees I fall in misery.
I relish Your touch, I adore
Your ways, with You I journey,
humbled in my approach; 
truth of word, truth of heart
and soul Your gifts You bless
upon me, tattooed within...
Your love surrounds me.
Triune God to You be
all praise and glory.
©PSA 29/4/22
SHIMANO BR-T4000 Front V-Brake, Black

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