Come, come and do
tread carefully, be
mindful of what thy
will see; silence thy
lips for the crypt a
sanctuary of respect
and peace be.
See...... whitewashed, brittle
bones, dehydrated of lifes
treasures? See..... the agony?
The deformities? See.....
the mere remains of who I was, 
it is of bygone eras that bled me,
I ransomed my heart and soul
and in my misery I was granted
my final peace..... my final
resting place - where I am meant
to be. Come, come enjoy the
edible treats and sweet tea as 
my final treats to thee;
grieve me not, hold fast
to the memories, hold fast
to my final gift to thee,
for away I go my
home no longer
beside thee be.
©PSA 1/5/22
Precious Memories Collection

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