Manner conducted
truth of heart and soul
a rendering of baring
one's soul. No medicore
atttempt - 'tis of want
one hundred percent.
Masked self righteous
attempts, manipulative
actions 'tis the limelight
seeked...'tis of fame and
fortune - the disease to 
appease, wanton behaviour
a falsifying of identity.
Narcassistic words and
actions an front served
in toxic belief, suffering
amounted thru' thy
disatrous deeds.
Wanton behaviour 
thy downfall be.
'Tis mistaken belief...
blindfolds the need
to release true nature
of self....septic thy be.
Words and actions to
guide and prosper thee
of import not be. Time
of the essence be...
reveal in thy stench
OR reveal in the truth 
of thee...the choice
remains with thee.
©️PSA 30/10/21.

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