Seemingly docile, easy catch might be,
soft hearted yet fiery temper simmers silently.
Independant is where strength resides,
no lesser shall outlawed be. Lustful intent
the act of mistaken identity, no easy catch
she be. Idle affairs on her menu not be,
a wholesome package not available to 
those who seek "take away meals,"
outlawed most definately. 'Twas many
a downfall, a mistaken belief - settle
for less not of her desires indeed.
HUNGER...... need of possession, flirty
words of arousal, of promised intent;
mere irritation, simmering anger,
silent response - it is a HUNGER
upon which she refuses to feed.
Simmering eyes, sneering pout,
stunned......passionate response;
it is of unbelief.....possessive branding
of her his downfall be. With foul
language he sees her acceptance
of another. Sensual attraction,
sensual need, her HUNGER
as she feasts upon another....
her chosen mate for eternity.
©PSA 29/11/21.


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