Truth and Love ❤️

Peacock Poetry

Dear Readers,

As well as being a Leadership Coach and poet, as many of you know, I am also a podcaster and co-host the Untaming Femininity podcast.

Recently though, was such a lovely, welcoming experience to be on the other side of podcasting and to be interviewed by Zarrina Allieva on her inspiring Beyond One Lens podcast recently. The conversation felt very natural and I loved sharing my mission around authenticity and speaking the truth with love.

I would be super grateful to hear your feedback on this podcast appearance especially as I recite a poem during the episode.

and meanwhile here is a poem I wrote yesterday!

Snowy Saturday greetings,

Love Sam ❤️

Before You

Don’t always have to travel far to find a change of scene

The nuances of where you are, more varied than it seems

Don’t have to fly to Timbuktu to savour the exotic


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