...... I see you  
with bold eyes
I acknowledge you,
with quieted peace
I hear you. With bated
breath and beating heart
I mourn with you.
With slight touch of
hand I clasp yours
and gently caress you.
With gentle touch I
frame your face within
my hands and with
sweet kisses soothe
your tears. With gentle
embrace I enfold you
in my arms so your
heart, mind and soul
will be comforted too.
Oh, dear love the
rugged beauty of you;
tender beating heart,
tender smile, sunshine
of life with peace in
your heart and smile
on your face; may
you eagerly embrace
the rugged beauty of
you, and with happiness
in your heart and soul
may you flourish in
love and harmony.
©️PSA 25/3/22.


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