22 November 2020.
Christ The King.
Ezekiel 34: 11 – 16, 20 – 24
Psalm 100
Ephesians 1: 15 – 23
Matthew 25: 31 – 46
Taking stock of this year we ask
ourselves “who and what have I
done with the gifts given to me
by God?” Christ The King what
does the kingdom mean? – a
shepard is not about personal
glory but servanthood, serving
the ” little one.” We are called to
look for lost sheep as Christ
The King reminds us what
we are called to – our brothers
and sisters keeper – loving and caring
NOT weak an be of a collection
unto ourselves. Unity, simplicity,
forget about excess we want to
keep. We are called to love one
another – go into our hearts –
care about each other – those
in need of your help. Daunting
at times – preserve ourselves,
our family. Christ’s Kingship
is not about that. It starts with
ME AND YOU; start by being
thoughtful, gentle, loving and caring.
To serve and be involved in the work.
We look at the secular world, they are
doing what they are supposed to do,
we allow that and cannot talk or
challenge, it is up to us as Christians
to play our part or the secular world
will influence us. Christians are called
to be loving, serving one another.
Look after society’s resources, be
mindful – look out for the next generation. Christianity will be the
source of hope and life giving and
go beyond by loving and serving
others. We open ourselves as God
lives in us and gives us the strength
and ability.
©️Sermon by Rev. Canon Moss Manana.

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