Awakening new day
giver of life
giver of hope
nourishment to those in need.
Snippets of materials many there be
for within us all there doth reside
threads of binding, dedicated love,
mercy and grace; PATCHWORK
materials of forgiveness; threadbare unravellings of discord – seperation from self import – humanity – removal of abusive actions – threads of hope, kindness and peace. Countless treasures there be,
loving seamstresses in society. Frayed emotions, harmful actions of abuse and neglect, stitches of unity, stitches of forgiveness, stitches of humanity.
Combined giving unto others, unselfishly….a workmanship of a hearts desire, to ” feed the hungry”.
THE PATCHWORK QUILT( A COMMUNITY AFFAIR) a revolutionary binding hope, love, forgiveness the loving threads of renewal in society.
©️PSA 24/10/20.

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