Father, to Thee I sing praise of unending

joy and happiness, the words, songs I

sing but a mere outpouring of a heart

enthralled by Thee. How great Thou art

Beloved Heavenly Father. My feeble attempts

of proclaiming Thy Majesty, a drop in the ocean

of life could never testify of Thy Greatness, Thy

Goodness, Thy Mercy and Grace. Father may all

I do, all I say be pleasing unto Thee. A mere

woman I be…. Joyously proclaiming Thy wonders

You alone bestow each and every moment

upon me. Thy love enfolds me in the treasured

sanctuary I seek. Thank you Beloved Heavenly Father

for Thy unfailing love, mercy and grace you

shower upon me. Praise, worship and glory

be now and forevermore be unto Thee.


©️PSA 11/8/20.

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