Brother…. Youngest of the family,

antics aplenty we would achieve.

adventurous crusades of “I dare you’s,”

challenges they be. Sister I might be

yet challenges accepted so bravely.

Giggles, shrieks of laughter aplenty

there would be, at times forgetful we would be….

Mom, curious she would be …. children’s laughter,

silence. Brave pirates we would be never did think

“our boat might sink,” oblivious to dangers –

injuries there would be – broken hearted pirate

readily confess, “it was he who dared me.”

Disciplined we would be, yet soon plotting our

next voyage…. Pirates of the sea. Caritatem

fraternitas caritatem (brotherly love) fondly

I recall scared sister Frater (brother) you

answered my call. Distance apart but

always and forever in my heart.

= In loving memory of a wonderful brother, my brave knight, my

pirate forever you be=

©️PSA 12/8/20.

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