Icy tendrils of bone

chilling discomfort,

sneakily invade;

warmth so easily evades.

Bridal veil of featherlight purity

adorning damp yet delight,

snow gathers…..enchantment

there be; frolicking children

and shouts of glee.

Welcoming coziness

of flames so merrily

dispense icy tendrils

so rapidly disperse.

So too WINTER of

heart, soul and mind

so univitingly permeate,

at season none can

anticipate. Be it

hours, days and nights

on end, a season

of awakening

a season to mend.

For within there be

a constellation of

what ifs, maybe,

whys and wherefores

needed respite

from troubles aplenty.

Soul searching sojourn

of self discovery

self love

self as human being.


discomfort need

to contend….

a final adieu

a season nearing end.

©️PSA 10/7/20.

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