Foolhardy, egotistical manouvers of self inflicted vileness; a self imposed prison. Raging onslaughts of doubts, fears, a grasping greediness of self importance – a putrid septicemia of mind, body and soul. Restless yearnings, temptations so freely given; yet “all that glitters is not gold,” for foolishly led to believe in a hasty reprieve. Lack lusturedness, life meaningless, pleasure no more. Destructive self imposed empowerment a sinful device, an adrealin rush of bitter recourse. Wearied traveler gone astray for a caged restlessness of a hasty reprieve, a downward spiral of beauty once perceived, a hollowness of heart, mind and soul – an imprisonment of SELF ENTRAPMENT.

• ©PSA 27/2/19.

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