Succulent sweetness of love; an ever increasing platter of tasteful delights, colourful assortments of natural treasures. Savoury spiciness, a challenging taste a tantalising treat of mildness or heat, a personal preference we all get to taste. Blended ingredients of sweet and bitter, a dessert of the finest confection. THE MEAL….LIFE; A blending of succulent sweetness, savoury spiciness and bitterness; a smorgasboard of possibilities, an acquired taste.
 LIFE, a smorgasboard of succulent sweetness of loving intent; savoury spiciness of mildness or heat, challenges we face in all aspects of life. Blended sweetness and bitterness; a dessert of the finest confection, yet an underlying ingredient of devious intent.
 ©PSA 16/1/19.

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